Everyone has opinions. But can we agree that some opinions are stupid and some are not? This is different from accusing the opinionators of being stupid or clever. We are talking about the validity of the point expressed, not the intellectual or aesthetic tastes of the expresser. 
For example, if you think Ronaldo is a better player than Messi, that is a stupid thought – it doesn’t make you stupid. It could be the case that most people who have this thought are generally stupider than those who think the other way, but that is a different matter and must be concluded only after a competent scientific study. 
What about the opinion that ‘Breaking Bad’ is a better show than ‘The Wire?’ There is no language invented to describe what a stupid opinion this is. It is stupid on so many levels that you are tempted to question the upbringing and general living environment of someone who expresses this opinion – Who traumatized you when you were young? What hazardous chemicals do you breathe on a daily basis? What did you put in your morning coffee? 
But we must resist this temptation. Perhaps they have an emotional connection to Breaking Bad, some deep, subconscious association that is ignited whenever the show plays. Or perhaps they haven’t watched ‘The Wire.’ Either way one must not jump to conclusions about the kind of books they read (do they read?) or the kind of conversations they have (do they listen?). 
But seriously, we must recognize that some people just don’t know enough about particular subjects and still have very strong opinions about them. They love having the opinion because it affirms their spirit, makes them feel like they have an opinion (which they do) but they do not take the time and effort to form a responsible opinion. They do not recognize the privilege of having an opinion and having the freedom to express it – it is a power and must be used responsibly. Sometimes when I express an opinion, and just after I express it, I ask myself what I just said, I feel ashamed of having opened my mouth. What was the need to say that? I don’t know anything about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. So why did I just say that the people who think it is a good book are unhealthily stupid and if we are ever to go to Mars, they must be kept here on Earth for the very important job of making sure everyone gets on the ships and to hang around just in case someone else is left behind. Am I expressing something I truly believe and have examined, or am I just trying to imply that somebody I knew who once expressed this opinion is unspeakably idiotic? I admit it, it’s probably the latter. And now that I think about it, it feels like this whole piece I’ve just written is of a similar nature. Thus, it is best ignored. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

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