Channeling Aliens

I stumbled on this video on one of my YouTube down-the-rabbit-hole sessions (which I think is something everyone should do once in a while, to remind themselves of the sheer variety of human experiences that people undergo). It is a compilation of people claiming to channel aliens. It is an astounding video and I suggest you take a moment to watch it before reading on. (Update: the video seems to have been removed. But if you type ‘Channeling aliens’ into the YouTube search bar, you’ll find plenty of similar ones).
I don’t know what you think when you see this kind of thing. I can probably guess that most people would laugh and dismiss these clips as the ravings of frauds and madmen. Not all though: There is an entire channel on YouTube called ‘ET Whisperer’, dedicated to one man’s channeling of alien and supernatural spirits. A brief skim through the comment section will show you that there are people who really believe in the unusual powers of these people. You can find the channel here:
To those who are willing to give the benefit of doubt to these men and women seen in the videos I ask you to consider these few options: 
1. They are frauds: They are intentionally fooling people and it’s all an act. 
2. They are deluded: They actually believe that they are channeling extraterrestrial beings. 
3. They are mentally unhinged: These are symptoms of some serious mental disease. 
4. They are actually channeling the voices of beings of an alien civilization: It’s one hundred percent real.  Now I ask you a simple question: which is most likely? 
Is it more likely that they are being contacted through some medium as-yet undiscovered by 200 years of modern science, by beings who live thousands of light years away, in perfect English? Or are they deluded? Is it more likely that they, of all the millions of credible public figures on planet Earth, have been chosen by these god-like beings to spread their message? Why not choose Mahatma Gandhi or Albert Einstein? Or are they frauds? 
(This reasoning can also be used to examine the claims of prophets and godmen)
The first three options are somewhat similar. The fourth is the interesting one: because if it is true it will force us to reconsider everything we know about modern science and to change our fundamental understanding of nature. This is no small thing. 

To me, the answer to the question of what is most likely is 1, 2 or 3. Let me know which one you think is most likely. 


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